The basics of making a dress are drafting, cutting, and stitching. But designing a dress requires a passion for making something new. Using the standard measurements and the basic construction of a dress, and applying your creativity you can make elegant dresses. I would like to give a brief step by step process of making a dress.

  • First note down the body measurements after measuring with an inch tape or by referring to the standard size chart.
  • Once done, make a paper draft using the basic construction of the dress. 
  • Then draw out the kind of dress you want to make separately and make alterations in the draft accordingly. 
  • Place the draft on the cloth, mark with a chalk and cut the cloth leaving the required stitching allowances. (Stitching allowances usually taken are 1” to 1 ½” at the sides and ½”at all other parts.)
  • Now start stitching according to the measurements. Once done, add extra embellishments to further enhance the look of the dress.

What I have given here is a general method and does not necessarily apply for stitching all types of dresses. Small changes have to be made when stitching some dresses. Another important factor is the measurements. The measurements have to be taken and marked accurately and the dress also has to be stitched according to the measurements because if you go wrong here, the dress stitched might look disproportionate to the actual size.


  1. Such nice and helpful tutorials. I will probably spend a lot of time here, since I like sewing too! :)

  2. very very helpful for fresher.thanks u.

  3. Dear Amina,

    Thank you for your blog. It is very helpful. Also post how to cut and stitch different patterns of neck. Also how to cut ladies trouser and palazzo


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