For making a princess cut kameez, use the same measurements as that of the normal kameez to make a paper draft till 9 to 10 measurement. After making the draft, make the following modifications on the draft.

6 to e=1/4 chest+1” or 1 ¼” or 1 ½”
2e to e= 1/8 chest

Join ‘d’ and ‘e’ through a curve and extend up to ‘f’. Then cut the paper draft into 2 by following the curve.

Place neck part of the draft over the fold of the cloth and mark till the waist. Then take 1 to g = 6” or 8”. Leave ½” allowance and cut along the neck and sides and 1” along the bottom. Similarly cut the back piece.

Then place the second half over the cloth and mark till the waist. Mark g to h=12” or 16” and ‘h’ to ‘I’=1”. Draw a curve, and leaving 1” along the sides and bottom and ½” along all the other sides, cut the cloth. In the same way cut other 3 pieces.

Now there are 2 central pieces and 4 side pieces. Join all the pieces and continue to stitch the top by finishing the neck first then stitching the sleeves and finally joining the sides. It does not have an opening at the sides.


Princess cut Kameez looks best when worn with gathering pants or churidhars.

The images are just a pictorial representation.
I have tried to explain the method as clearly as possible but it is advisable to use your discretion while stitching this dress. If you are a beginner then you can start by stitching a basic kameez or kurti and then move on to other patterns.

For more tutorials visit the dress designs page.


  1. Thanks Amina. Thought the Princess Cut Kameez would be difficult to stitch. But after seeing your blog I am so happy that I can make one on my own.

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